Friday, February 20, 2015

Astrology on Kenneth Arnold UFO Sightings

Kenneth Arnold UFO sightings on June 24 1947 can be seen as the Natal Horoscope of the so called Flying Saucers.
On June 24 1947, Arnold saw some unidentified flying objects  seen nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington at 3 PM.   ( Long 121.40,  Lat. 46.44)
Let us analyze the astrological chart of this important ufological event. In classical Astrology, the ruler of the Chart, with rising sign in Scorpio is Mars, so the intentions of the flying saucers is not benign because Mars rules war, violence and invasion. Worst, Mars at 25,36' of Taurus conjuncts Algol,  the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. By the way, is the star of "loosing our head". 
The lesser malefic Mars is in the cusp of the eight house of death. 
The red planet is opposite to Jupiter, (benefic) and in sextile with Mercury, the planet that rules communication. The sextile means that the opportunity of communication between the ufonauts exists, but with martian purposes which are not benefic. (Think in the abductions.)
Uranus also in the Eight House tells us that the motivations of the ufonauts are contradictory and dictated by the aliens interests.  Sun, Saturn and Pluto in the nine house confirm that these entities come from some distant planet or dimension, but Saturn is the big malefic. 
In the eleven hose of purpose and projects Neptune tells us that the ufonauts are not interested in friendly contacts but will keep their secrets.
But here we have something curious and promissory. In charts of wars and invasions, Jupiter in the first house implies that in the end we will win.  Also Saturn in the Nine and Mars between seven and eight show that the hostile plan of the aliens will fail. Moon's in Virgo, in the eleventh house, applies for a trine to Part of Fortune. This suggests we will find unknown but powerful  allies. 
Something else. The rising angle, cusp of the First House, is in the Via Combusta, and this means that events take a sudden, unpredictable turn. 

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