Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Why Classical Astrology works?

Traditional Astrology  was essentially practical. Astrologers read the message of the skies to know about EVENTS, facts. The winner of some war, the future of a kingdom or the destiny of a ship lost in the dangerous seas were the big questions. People wanted to know practical things concerning real life.
However in the XVII and XIX Century, materialism prevailed ideologically, and the World was seen
as a complex mechanism which men were sooner or later put under their absolute control since destiny and fate, were now consider old superstitions. This was the era of the "free will".
That is why classical, predictive astrology became psychology. The old malefic planets Mars and Saturn were now "teachers". The red planet didn't revealed the winner of a battle but the level of "spiritual energy" available for the client.
Saturn now is not a malefic but teaches us "prudence" or the virtues of moderation.
The great old Astrology of masters like William Lilly became a pale pseudo-psychological mumbo-jumbo whose only purpose was to make the consultant happy. Victorians didn't want to know about events or the future, so the new astrologer just told these clients what they wanted to listen...(All the fairy tales must have a happy ending.)
The traditional rules of the science and art of astrology were deliberately forgotten and denied.
The astrological experience of  thousands of years became a concoction of psychoanalysis and New Age.
But some astrologers said NO to this decadence and went back to the lost secrets and rules.
Classical, traditional astrology works because is the authentic Astrology, the millenary art and science of the Stars, and not wishful thinking

Friday, February 20, 2015

Astrology on Kenneth Arnold UFO Sightings

Kenneth Arnold UFO sightings on June 24 1947 can be seen as the Natal Horoscope of the so called Flying Saucers.
On June 24 1947, Arnold saw some unidentified flying objects  seen nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington at 3 PM.   ( Long 121.40,  Lat. 46.44)
Let us analyze the astrological chart of this important ufological event. In classical Astrology, the ruler of the Chart, with rising sign in Scorpio is Mars, so the intentions of the flying saucers is not benign because Mars rules war, violence and invasion. Worst, Mars at 25,36' of Taurus conjuncts Algol,  the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens. By the way, is the star of "loosing our head". 
The lesser malefic Mars is in the cusp of the eight house of death. 
The red planet is opposite to Jupiter, (benefic) and in sextile with Mercury, the planet that rules communication. The sextile means that the opportunity of communication between the ufonauts exists, but with martian purposes which are not benefic. (Think in the abductions.)
Uranus also in the Eight House tells us that the motivations of the ufonauts are contradictory and dictated by the aliens interests.  Sun, Saturn and Pluto in the nine house confirm that these entities come from some distant planet or dimension, but Saturn is the big malefic. 
In the eleven hose of purpose and projects Neptune tells us that the ufonauts are not interested in friendly contacts but will keep their secrets.
But here we have something curious and promissory. In charts of wars and invasions, Jupiter in the first house implies that in the end we will win.  Also Saturn in the Nine and Mars between seven and eight show that the hostile plan of the aliens will fail. Moon's in Virgo, in the eleventh house, applies for a trine to Part of Fortune. This suggests we will find unknown but powerful  allies. 
Something else. The rising angle, cusp of the First House, is in the Via Combusta, and this means that events take a sudden, unpredictable turn. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Need for Traditional Astrology

The Need for Traditional Astrology

by Olivia Barclay, Q.H.P.

Transcript of the Carter Memorial lecture delivered at the 1996 Exeter Conference of the Astrological Association.

There were some fine great trees blown down in the storm of 1987 and that is a bit how I feel about western traditional astrology. It is like some huge oak tree or redwood tree, but we brought down in the storms of the last three centuries. Its roots are still there, buried in antiquity, but we have cut it off from its roots. We said, 'So let's prune it back and graft bits of it onto some new saplings, like one called psychology, or one called science, or better still we could cut it up for firewood'.
However, the main tree could still be rescued if any would take the trouble to recapture it and study it. We could rediscover it, despite current confusion.By traditional astrology, I mean that great canon of knowledge that has been built up over the thousands of years. It consists of Mundane, Horary, Nativities and Elections. My reason for studying the works of the past is try to improve our techniques today. It isn't just because the work is old, or because we want to carry on parrot fashion, it is because the astrology and the old astrologers can teach us. Astrology is the study of the action of spirit through the medium of heavenly bodies, on material matter of this earth, or as Cardan, the famous sixteenth century astrologer said in my favourite aphorism, 'Heaven is the Instrument of the Most High God whereby he acts upon and Governs Inferior Things'.
Whether you believe in the Most High God or whether you call him Universal Force or Energy, you should realise that you should be studying those laws that show the pattern of existence of everything there is. You should not be studying something recently thought up on the spur of the moment by someone who called himself an astrologer or psychologist. It is for us to find out those universal laws, and to strive to decipher their code, and penetrate their meaning and purpose, not to invent hypothetical methods for the sake of publicity or prestige.
There have been many such unfounded inventions during this century which have lead to distortions of the truth. We have been losing much that is of value. People have felt free to invent and add whatever they like, even when they have no idea of what was already known in the old astrology. The changes have caused confusion. Some people have invented ideas to make astrology more acceptable, some to make it simpler, and some for the sake of talking about something new. The trouble is that when someone invents a new idea, someone comes along and invents a contradictory one, and then everybody is thrown into confusion because few have studied the foundations of our art sufficiently to know which, of all the variations put before them, is the correct one.
As Robert Hand said in the Foreword to my book which is called 'Horary Astrology Rediscovered', so much has been invented that everything at anytime can mean everything, so then nothing means anything'. I agreed with Rob Hand, the plethora of inventions has defeated its own end. He suggests we need more what he calls rigour in our use of symbols, which I interpret to mean that we should have an exact knowledge of their meaning. That should be our first step.
Have you ever considered that 1,500 years ago Palchus, for one, could, with his astrology, answer a straight question with a straight answer. William Lilly and his contemporaries could do that in the seventeenth century and they explained to us how to do it, but no, we must add and invent and manoeuvre until our words sound obscure and meaningless. We speak in euphemisms, forgetting to look for the nub of the matter.
As you know, I teach a course in horary. And that is a very practical art. One virtue of it is that when you are asked a question you have to give an answer that can be seen to be true. You cannot waffle. It is a very good test of astrology. If your answer is correct you are on the right track. You know you can drive your car because you consistently reach your destination safely. But there is a great difference between driving a car and just talking about one like a car salesman. You have to know from practical experience what the accelerator is for, and you mustn't listen to your false instructor. There are at present many more people talking about astrology than actually doing practical work. I am reminded of Lilly's words in his introduction to Bonatus' 'Anima Astrologiae' when he says the book is 'for those honest students who study Art to discover truth and not to vapour with it'.
No doubt there are many motives that drive us to study astrology. My own motive was to find clear evidence that the movement of heavenly bodies affected life on earth, or that some synchronicity between them. My motive was not prediction, and yet prediction supplies evidence. Astrology has always been concerned with prediction, although we seldom hear a serious prediction nowadays except from the weathermen. The ancient ability to predict grew from such observations, I believe, as the yearly heliacal rising of Sirius coincided with the rising of the Nile. In early days, astronomy and astrology were one, astronomy the study of physical reality and astrology the interpretation of its meaning. Observation of nature seems to have been much keener in those days and consequently they had an awareness of beauty which was considered, in Greece at least, an expression of the inner spirit.
I would like to mention some great astrologers of the past who have much to teach us. It is absurd that their work has been so ignored, just because they lived in a different culture from ours where they were not immersed in materialism and which held different standards. Presumably most of you subscribe to Project Hindsight. This is an organization once headed by Rob Hand, committed to the colossal task of translating into English all the authoritative works of past astrologers. One of the most notable in my opinion is the book by Paulus Alexandrinus written in 378 AD and now translated into English for the first time. It was significant to see that Paulus differed from Ptolemy in allocating the rulership of the water triplicity by day to Venus. But how can the average astrologer of today, unfamiliar with the Tables of Dignities of the planets, appreciate these differences, or assess the value of Alexandrinus' work at all. To do so you must first understand the traditional methods he is discussing. And that is where there is a great gap in the knowledge of the majority of present day astrologers.
Apart from the linguistic efforts of Project Hindsight, it is very important that Graeme Tobyn has started a 'Latin for Astrologers' group in London. Here is a group of experienced astrologers who are translating directly from Latin. I am going to ask Graeme Tobyn very shortly to translate a few lines from Junctinus so that you can hear how beautiful and concise the old astrology was. And if you can speak Latin you must let Graeme know.
It is true that we do have a few early books already in English which we can study. For instance, you can buy 'The Astronomica' by Manilius, who lived about the time of Christ. This is a beautiful epic poem describing the beliefs of that era, including the fact that the Earth is a sphere. The book is published by Loeb. It contains the earliest description I know of, of the houses, showing that by that date they had emerged from a more primitive astrology where luminaries and angles had been emphasised. The houses were called by name not by numbers, as you can also find in the Tetrabiblos written less than a century later.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Horary Astrology and mind-controlled ufologists.

Is it true that nearly all Ufologists are mind-controlled and under some kind of surveillance?
This is obviously a 12 house question, since this house rules secret operations disguised control, secret enemies and reclusion.
The Ascendant in first house of the querent is at 19 degrees 38 minutes of Leo, so that the Sun is the principal significator with the Moon as co-significator.
The Sun conjuncts the cusp of the seventh house on 19 degrees of Aquarius, traditionally ruled by Saturn.  
The Moon, ruler of Cancer in the 12th house, is very strong in her Taurus Exaltation, and in the Tenth House of authorities and government.
Luna is leaving a square to the Sun and applies for an opposition to Saturn ruler of Seventh and located in Scorpio and in the 4th house that symbolizes the end of the matter. This is in Horary Astrology a Translation of Light, and usually gives a positive answer.
What we can see also is that in the same seventh house ruler by Saturn, we find Mercury retrograde in conjunction with Neptune and this union means loss through treachery and slander. More, this conjunction talks about loss of the sense of reality and possible periods of insanity.
These two planets are in Pisces, hosted by Jupiter, ruler of this watery, mute sign. Jupiter represents political and economical power.
But there is even more: Mercury and Neptune conjuncts the fixed star Fomalhaut, and the meaning of this conjunction is damaged reputation (Mercury) and “many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work”. (Neptune.)
This is so amazing that I will give you an excellent reference: *[Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923].
The answer is YES: Is it true that nearly all Ufologists are mind-controlled and under some kind of surveillance, and perhaps subconsciously forced to plant disinformation.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Horary Astrology about Human-Alien bases in Mars.

Andrew Basiago declared that the US government has a full base operation on Mars including aliens and humans. Is this true?
The first house is in Libra, and significators are Venus and Mars present in this house.
The first stricture is the Early ascendant at 1 degree, 3 minutes of Libra, and when the Ascendant is at less than 3 degrees of its sign, the question is premature. Perhaps there will be alien-human bases in Mars in the future but not now.
The second stricture is the Moon Void of Curse, and when void of course she doesn’t complete any major aspects before leaving its current sign. Moon here is 25 degrees 58 minutes of Aries. A Void of Curse Moon can sometimes perform in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, but this is not the case in this chart. A Void Moon tells us that nothing happens. The question is meaningless.
Secrets of any kind are ruled by the 12 house; here with cusp in Virgo, therefore, Mercury signifies the question, the quesited matter.
Venus, ruler of Libra, can be found peregrine in Capricorn on the 4th house. A peregrine planet has little influence, if any, in horary astrology.
Mercury, ruler of the 12 house of secrets is also peregrine, so we have the two primary significators weak and devoid of influence. Besides, there are no aspects between Mercury and Venus.
Mercury conjuncts Neptune and this conjunction imply rumors, alienation and obsession.  This conjunction is frequent in illusionists, deceivers and impersonators.
So, the answer is NO. This question is meaningless. Nothing happens. There are no human- alien bases in Mars.The whole thing is a fantasy.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Horary Astrology about alliance between humans and ET.

Some UFO researchers suggest that there is some kind of alliance or agreement between terrestrial government(s) and non-human entities. The question is if this alliance exists or not.
The complexity of this question requires a careful analysis of those astrological houses, luminaries and planets involved in the Horary Astrological chart.
The Ascendant of the first house which represents the querent is at 8 Degrees 35 minutes of Virgo, and Mercury is the Ruler of this sign particularly at Night.
Alliances and pacts are matters that fall under the rulership of the 7th house, whose cusp is 8 degrees and 35 minutes of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter. This planet retrograde and in is in his exaltation in Cancer, zodiacal signed ruled by the Moon, which even if it is  void of course, applies to a very close conjunction with the first house ruler Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces.  
And here we have a surprise, (not a nice one,) because Moon, Mercury, Sun and Neptune are in the Sixth House of dependence, servitude, submission and in old times, slavery.
Mercury in this bad six house, conjuncts Neptune and this conjunction talks about rumors, treachery, psychic powers used for negative purposes and abdication. Also, Neptune rules places of confinement and mass delusions. 
Now, Neptune is conjunct the Fixed Star Fomalhaut and this conjunction means “many secret enemies, connected with secret affairs or government work, occult interests.”
What is this chart “telling me?” If I understand all this well, the answer is NO, there is no alliance, because alliance means agreement.
The traditional astrologer has the right to deny some readings. I am reading a negative answer and also am convinced that the stars are telling me too much. Sorry about this. After all, the Void of Course Moon is a stricture.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What else is needed to SEE?

She is Mother and Daughter.
He is Creation and Creator.
Multiverse is Father and Son